Making the most of your Mavericks

With the instantaneous nature of today’s world, big business can no longer rely on the status quo in order to maintain market share. Here in the digital age things are changing rapidly and in order to keep up you need… Read More ›

Communications: Why it’s so vital to enable company success

When we talk about good communications, we often think of it in terms of unambiguous language, the right channels and good timing. However, within an organisation, good communication becomes a reflection – and consequence – of the organisation’s culture and… Read More ›

State Trustees CEO – One Year on…

Benjamin Franklin once said, “You may delay, but time will not.” This is something I have been acutely aware of during my first twelve (12) months as CEO of State Trustees. Shortly after my appointment, I shared that I intended… Read More ›

Making my own way through the social sphere

I celebrated a minor milestone recently, chalking up my 1000th Twitter follower. I know that doesn’t make me a master of social, but I’m pleased to be connecting with more people. I’ve never been a social media native, but I’ve… Read More ›

Ten Tips to Successful Networking

During August 2013 the Australian Institute of Management holds its National Networking Week [August 5 to 9]. The initiative acknowledges the importance of learning through networking along with the personal and business development opportunities that also come with effective and… Read More ›

Is Your Profession Trusted?

Firefighters, Paramedics, Rescue Volunteers, Nurses, Pilots, Doctors, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Air Traffic Controllers and Farmers are our nation’s most trusted professions in 2013, a Readers Digest study has concluded. Unsurprisingly, those most trusted professions have not altered significantly from 2011 to… Read More ›

Are those leaders you follow worthy?

Leadership is by its very definition a privilege that is enabled by people who choose to follow the appointed leader; this is particularly true within the community sector where people overwhelmingly work on a volunteer basis. Various studies have concluded… Read More ›

Is Leadership Failing?

A question one finds being asked more often today with those to whom we expect leadership seemingly failing and its not constrained to any one particular sector, examples are presented in daily news services as a frequent reminder that increasingly… Read More ›

Occasional Address at Latrobe University

Occasional Address’s at University Graduations also known as the Guest Speech are considered a highlight at the Graduation. Whilst nothing for the graduates can exceed receiving the degrees that they have worked tirelessly for, the occasional address is intended to… Read More ›

Business Etiquette and Effective Networking

When I received the invitation to speak at LaTrobe University as part of the Student Leadership Conference on the topic of Business Etiquette and Effective Networking I was a little surprised, did they really want me to talk to these… Read More ›

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