CEO’s and Social Media

As a regular user of social media to both engage with and listen to clients, peers and colleagues, I’m often surprised by the silence that descends from offices of my fellow CEO’s from around the globe and I’m not alone…. Read More ›

Making my own way through the social sphere

I celebrated a minor milestone recently, chalking up my 1000th Twitter follower. I know that doesn’t make me a master of social, but I’m pleased to be connecting with more people. I’ve never been a social media native, but I’ve… Read More ›

New Beginnings…

For the past forty (40) years, State Trustees has called 168 Exhibition Street, Melbourne its home, that was up until Friday, 18 July 2014. State Trustees over the weekend, has completed its relocation to Footscray, the third and final stage… Read More ›

Why Projects fail the customer experience test

People like ice cream. That seems a fairly reasonable statement to make; but on that knowledge alone, would you then stock your store with hotdog and wasabi flavored offerings? Probably not. Why?, Because it’s not what your customer wants. It’s… Read More ›

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