In October 2011, I became an Ambassador for SBS, by doing so, I along with other Ambassadors signed the following Statement of Support for SBS:

SBS was created to ensure all Australians – regardless of their heritage – can participate in Australian cultural and civic life.

For more than 35 years, SBS has delivered vital services to the Australian community, including in 68 languages on radio and online and in more than 50 languages on television.

As the Australian population grows even more diverse – with more languages and cultures – the need for SBS only increases. SBS tells uniquely Australian stories, drawing on the talents of the independent production sector and its dedicated staff; ensuring the true diversity of the Australian population is reflected on screen, radio and online.

We wish to publicly express our support for SBS and the work it does. We believe that it deserves the strong support of the Government and Australian community. We call upon the Government to ensure that SBS is adequately funded so it can continue to make its unique contribution to Australian media and society.

To read more about SBS, Click Here

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