Communications: Why it’s so vital to enable company success

When we talk about good communications, we often think of it in terms of unambiguous language, the right channels and good timing. However, within an organisation, good communication becomes a reflection – and consequence – of the organisation’s culture and… Read More ›

What shadow are you casting?

Take a look around, what are the accepted and expected norms within your organisation, have you taken the time to think about why your people behave the way they do? The culture of an organisation forms over time; it is… Read More ›

Ten Tips to Successful Networking

During August 2013 the Australian Institute of Management holds its National Networking Week [August 5 to 9]. The initiative acknowledges the importance of learning through networking along with the personal and business development opportunities that also come with effective and… Read More ›

Business Etiquette and Effective Networking

When I received the invitation to speak at LaTrobe University as part of the Student Leadership Conference on the topic of Business Etiquette and Effective Networking I was a little surprised, did they really want me to talk to these… Read More ›

Why Projects fail the customer experience test

People like ice cream. That seems a fairly reasonable statement to make; but on that knowledge alone, would you then stock your store with hotdog and wasabi flavored offerings? Probably not. Why?, Because it’s not what your customer wants. It’s… Read More ›

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