The Creation of Trust

Today, my role is titled Chief Executive Officer of State Trustees, the Public Trustee for Victoria, however, had I been serving in this role in Australia back in 1874, my title would have been Master of Lunacy and/or Master in… Read More ›

Why the passion for Business Schools?

Benjamin Franklin is credited as saying “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. What greater call to action could there be for today’s universities and in particular business schools? I am often… Read More ›

Occasional Address at Victoria University

Having previously delivered an Occasional Address at a University Graduation didn’t for a second take away the humbling impact and honor of being invited to deliver another, this time, for Victoria University. I set about writing a speech, a speech… Read More ›

Occasional Address at Latrobe University

Occasional Address’s at University Graduations also known as the Guest Speech are considered a highlight at the Graduation. Whilst nothing for the graduates can exceed receiving the degrees that they have worked tirelessly for, the occasional address is intended to… Read More ›

Business Etiquette and Effective Networking

When I received the invitation to speak at LaTrobe University as part of the Student Leadership Conference on the topic of Business Etiquette and Effective Networking I was a little surprised, did they really want me to talk to these… Read More ›

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