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  • What shadow are you casting?

    Take a look around, what are the accepted and expected norms within your organisation, have you taken the time to think about why your people behave the way they do? The culture of an organisation forms over time; it is… Read More ›

  • Have a pebble in your shoe?

    Successful Community Leadership starts with and is sustained by having a pebble in your shoe. A cause, an issue, an injustice or an event, which causes you to be confronted, experiencing a range of uncomfortable emotions to such an extent… Read More ›

  • Ten Tips to Successful Networking

    During August 2013 the Australian Institute of Management holds its National Networking Week [August 5 to 9]. The initiative acknowledges the importance of learning through networking along with the personal and business development opportunities that also come with effective and… Read More ›

  • Is Your Profession Trusted?

    Firefighters, Paramedics, Rescue Volunteers, Nurses, Pilots, Doctors, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Air Traffic Controllers and Farmers are our nation’s most trusted professions in 2013, a Readers Digest study has concluded. Unsurprisingly, those most trusted professions have not altered significantly from 2011 to… Read More ›

  • Are those leaders you follow worthy?

    June 2013 Article

    Leadership is by its very definition a privilege that is enabled by people who choose to follow the appointed leader; this is particularly true within the community sector where people overwhelmingly work on a volunteer basis. Various studies have concluded… Read More ›

  • Is Leadership Failing?

    A question one finds being asked more often today with those to whom we expect leadership seemingly failing and its not constrained to any one particular sector, examples are presented in daily news services as a frequent reminder that increasingly… Read More ›

  • Occasional Address at Latrobe University

    Occasional Address’s at University Graduations also known as the Guest Speech are considered a highlight at the Graduation. Whilst nothing for the graduates can exceed receiving the degrees that they have worked tirelessly for, the occasional address is intended to… Read More ›

  • Press Release: reunites Stone-Age descendants, the UK’s leading people-finding directory, has reunited the living descendents of Somerset’s ‘Cheddar Man’, who lived more than 9000 years ago. Considered Britain’s oldest complete skeleton, the stone-age remains were found in Cheddar Gorge and were excavated in 1903…. Read More ›

  • My Genetic Link to Britain’s “Cheddar Man”…

    Many years ago I became interested in the research my mother had completed, over many years, pre-internet assisted ancestral research. The photographs, stories and mysteries were captivating. Learning more of my mother’s family history and my own resonated with me… Read More ›

  • CEO Sleepout 2013

    CEO Sleepout 2013 For my third consecutive year I’ll be sleeping rough this winter at the 2013 Vinnies CEO Sleepout! There are more than 100,000 Australians who find themselves homeless each night of the year. Just under half of these are… Read More ›