2015 CEO Sleepout

Vinnies CEO Sleepout 2015

Vinnies CEO Sleepout 2015

Another year has passed since the 2014 CEO Sleepout, yet sadly, more and more women are seeking refuge from family violence, having to sleep rough with their children because they have not been able to secure alternate accommodation.

Sadly, more and more children are sleeping rough on friends couches, under bridges or indeed on the streets because they have not been able to secure alternate accommodation.


Sadly, people suffering with a mental illness who can’t secure the support they need, find themselves sleeping rough.

Surely enough is enough, those of us, the majority of us who can do something about homelessness must act.

One of the ways you can help is registering your CEO for the 2016 CEO Sleepout here. Creating awareness along with the much needed funds does help, this does make a difference.

Participating in my 5th CEO Sleepout this year I could not have been more proud, my Executive Team from State Trustees joined me to share in the experience, an experience that can only be appreciated by actually sleeping rough, in the cold, on the concrete with a sleeping bag and a sheet cardboard.

Collectively we have raised [so far] $40,150 with 250 amazing people and organisations donating.

This money will go directly to those who tonight as you read this are already contemplating where they will sleep.

In Victoria at last count, the total raised in Victoria was $958,350 and more than $5.5million across Australia secured for fighting homelessness.  I, along with the Executive Team, have been overwhelmed by the support, not only in donations but also in the words of encouragement.

Thank you to all that donated and contributed, either by volunteering your time or partaking in the fundraising activities, we could not have had the impact we have had without you.

If you missed the Sky News live interview from the CEO Sleepout, you can watch it here .

If you would like to donate, please follow this link: https://www.ceosleepout.org.au/ceos/vic-ceos/craig-dent-state-trustees/

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